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Our Approach

Designed to achieve your goals.

What makes the White Sea consulting model so attractive is perspective and exposure. The varied experiences of the White Sea network of consultants, operators, strategists, marketers and executives allows us to hand-pick each team based on your unique industry and goals. White Sea offers boutique service that leverages national expertise.

We consult based on your goals.

Maybe you’re looking to pursue your passion and found a new company. Or perhaps you’ve spent your life’s work building a successful business and looking forward to retirement. Regardless of your situation, the White Sea approach is based on core pillars of proven consulting tactics that all revolve around communication.


If you’re starting a business, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to get it off the ground. We leverage our partnerships in legal, finance, marketing and real estate to identify the path of least resistance so you can begin your successful venture as soundly and as soon as possible.


White Sea is able to network on your behalf with outside vendors and agencies as well as implement internal processes that set your new business off on the right foot or streamline efficiencies in your existing company.


We don’t put a plan together without seeing it through. White Sea remains active and transparent through every phase of our consulting relationship. If you don’t succeed, neither do we. We set short- and long-term goals and consistently track progress throughout so everyone is held accountable.


Our mutual longevity and prolonged success are key. We’ll remain on in as much or as little capacity as you see fit to ensure that what we’ve recommended and built together leads to sustainable success.


What does your current or ideal corporate structure look like? Is there a need for an oversight committee or board of directors? Do you need part-time or full-time employees? White Sea can direct the often difficult to manage personnel decisions.

Interested in seeing your business vision become a reality?

The experienced consulting professionals at White Sea are ready to put your plan into streamlined action.