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This is the consulting company where experienced professionals work overtime.

White Sea navigates a clear path to your business destination.

White Sea is not a traditional consulting partner. The White Sea consulting model is referred to as “fractional consulting.” We call it Directive Consulting. It’s more agile than the traditional consulting model which can create toxic bloat. Long-term agreements, full-time salaries and inflated costs? Nope. White Sea respects the needs of smaller entrepreneurial ventures and existing businesses by professionally plotting out the milestones you need to get your business to its ultimate goal. Partner with the White Sea consultants to get your business headed in the right direction.

How White Sea works.

Whatever you’re impending business milestone is, White Sea can help. Whether you're starting a new venture, merging companies, transitioning ownership or creating strategy, White Sea offers access to a network of experienced executives who provide a clear business plan, complete with action items, timelines and strategies. Partner with White Sea and embark upon a journey that leads to success.



White Sea begins by taking a deep dive to determine your ideal business vision, goals and competitive landscape.


Based on our information gathering, White Sea assembles a curated team that understands your industry and objectives.


We then design actionable plans and deliverables that lead to your desired business results.


Once in effect, we don’t leave you to your own devices. We’re on-board throughout. White Sea can fulfill any necessary positions including board members and interim management to ensure optimum process and efficiency, and change on-the-fly as needed.


Once we begin to surpass milestones, White Sea phases out interim management positions after we’ve solidified what’s in place for you to succeed on your own.

Professionals at your service.

Our consultants do not work full-time for you. They work full-time elsewhere. White Sea hand selects these experienced and active executives based on your business’ individual objectives. What does this fractional model mean for you? You receive top strategic talent at a fraction of the cost.


Interested in seeing your business vision become a reality?

The experienced consulting professionals at White Sea are ready to put your plan into streamlined action.