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About Us

A directive leadership model designed to support you during turbulent times.

White Sea is more than boots on the ground. We offer boutique service that leverages national expertise. Our partners invest in a shared vision as we  identify the path to success for your business. This is achieved by leveraging a curated team of calculated expertise that brings domain knowledge and a proven track record of operationalization to assist your organization in accomplishing objectives at a pace that sets you apart from competitors. Our years of corporate executive experience as well as a deep, insightful understanding of where your industry is headed. It all results in growth that places your business at the forefront of the industry.

We create a seamless ecosystem.

White Sea advises other leaders and partners with personalized, flexible strategies across a wide variety of industries. Our team is comprised of former and current directors, executives, VPs and owners. We seamlessly position our experts into your corporate ecosystem while simultaneously filling voids you have yet to identify. The White Sea team directly communicates with industry professionals, corporate suites, legal and healthcare practices, financial institutions and real estate developers to coordinate the best path to make your corporate, brand or non-profit vision a reality.

Meet the White Sea team members.

White Sea operators, consultants and strategic partners are current leaders in their respective fields, not retired or former executives. Each of these operators brings a unique skill set to White Sea partners. They are selected based on each business’ specifications and target objectives to efficiently hit your business goals that set you apart from your peer organizations.

The White Sea leadership team always remains the primary boots on the ground. Depending on your needs, we select additional team members who have the relevant industry experience to steer your business in the right direction.

Jason Jankowiak

President & CEO

Prior to realizing his own business vision by founding White Sea, Jason Jankowiak operated as a healthcare executive. His executive experience at one of the largest healthcare systems in WNY included a focus on strategy and processes, improving patient access, operational design and programming with an emphasis on improved quality outcomes. Jason has helped steer the delivery of healthcare based on social determinants by facilitating community partnerships with community leaders, corporate executives and healthcare systems across the Northeast. At White Sea, Jason steers the overall strategy and execution for every client. He leverages his several board positions and network partners across a variety of industries to assemble the exact team to meet your specific business objectives.

Paul Buonopane

Co-Founder & COO

Paul Buonopane specializes in operations and information systems in financial services, consumer goods and healthcare. Paul’s consulting expertise includes business process redesign, customer engagement and supply chain management, integrated network design, revenue cycle net revenue improvement, enterprise data warehouse design and implementation, and interim COO leadership. His experience includes managing and optimizing large-scale systems implementations. Over the last 18 years, Paul has focused on assisting C-suite executive clients with clinical, operational and systems transformation initiatives. He was senior member of Deloitte Consulting’s National Strategy and Operations Provider Practice for over a decade. He has helped transform the financial health of large financial service, retail and healthcare through process redesign, implementation, monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators.

Erin Brackenridge

Vice President

Erin Brackenridge is a career marketer, program director and motivated senior relationship manager. At White Sea Erin oversees all aspects of business marketing as well as network development and growth. Her experience as a marketing executive at a large healthcare system included overall campaign development, execution and measurement, risk management, and overseeing a team of over 20 clinical, supervisory and operational associates. Erin’s professional experience also extends into the financial sector as a marketing analyst. Erin is the primary onboarding specialist at White Sea and as a leader, boasts a proven track record of developing internal teams, outreach partners and external network operators. By bringing them all together, identifying milestones and streamlining communication processes, Erin constructs specialized strategies that work to achieve your loftiest business goals.

Karen Hughes

Vice President

Many White Sea clients require creative solutions to complex issues. Karen Hughes facilitates those solutions as a White Sea leader in data-driven solutions with a specific lean towards healthcare. Karen built her over 20 years experience in physical therapy, practice management and leadership at one of Western New York’s largest healthcare systems. Prior to that, Karen founded her own physical therapy practice, networking and negotiating Managed Care contracts. She’s served in director and executive roles for occupational therapy as well as clinical operations and effectiveness taking a data-driven and Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) approach to process and program improvements. Karen uses a similar approach when developing processes and strategies for White Sea partners and leverages her decades of experience as well as her wide partnership network to facilitate intricate business processes that result in surpassed milestones, desired outputs and long-term success.

Matt Lambert, MD

As a practicing Emergency Room Physician, Hospital Executive, and Change Management Consultant, Matt Lambert has worked on the front lines of healthcare for over 25 years. Matt’s background weaves together broad experience in clinical operations and deep expertise in healthcare administration, finance and IT. Matt has served in multiple interim-executive roles for healthcare organizations, and has worked alongside caregivers through turbulent times. He lead the Epic Electronic Medical Record roll-out and change management process at New York Health and Hospitals - the largest public hospital system in the US. Most recently, Matt mixes his time between helping incubate and advise start up companies, while continuing to publish books and produce his own music albums. Matt currently has multiple books and albums available.

Kyle Frantz

Vice President

With 15 years of strategy and operations experience in healthcare, Kyle has focused his career at intersection of healthcare operations and innovation. Most recently Kyle lead the strategy and innovation team at a Cleveland health system, where he brought early stage companies into partnerships with Ohio health systems. With deep expertise in navigating and harnessing business incubation programming and resources within local markets, Kyle has specific talent in designing ways for large, complex organizations to partner with new ventures who are looking to demonstrate their value. Kyle leads White Sea’s incubation services where he helps lead programming to support early stage White Sea partners.
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